Sell Gold For More Today!

People ask, “Is this a good time to sell my gold?”  I can say “this is the best time to sell unwanted gold items in modern history”. The follow-up question is “why”?

Gold is near its highest price ever against the dollar. In 1946 an ounce coin was valued at $37.41. Gold now trades near $2000/ounce.  You get over 50 times more dollars for an ounce of gold.

In 1946, oil was about $1.60/barrel compared with roughly $42/barrel today.  In 1946 your one ounce of gold translated into approximately 23 barrels of oil compared with over 47 barrels today.  That means you can put more gas in your car or fuel oil in your home.

It does not take much gold to have a lot of money. I had a client watch his girlfriend throw some broken chains and single earrings into her trash.  He collected the items saying: “let me sell these at Yankee Peddler & Loan”.  Currently that ‘trash” would be about worth $500! Another young lady visited with an old boyfriend’s college ring and a broken bracelet receiving $700.

Do you have any broken items or items missing stones? If they are karat gold, the money for you will add up fast. Items in a saleable condition may bring a small premium.  Designer items like Tiffany, Cartier, and a few others will almost always yield extra money.  If you do not know, bring it down and let us look.  We have had people come down with jewelry boxes full of items, gone through, and found items worth close to a grand.

Remember you do not have to sell items with sentimental value. We will advance a high percentage of the liquidation value and let you reacquire such items for a modest percentage more.