Selling Antiques to a Pawn Shop

Are you trying to declutter your home this year? Are you tired of holding onto things that are taking up valuable space in your home? Instead of throwing items out, consider taking them to a pawn shop. Doing so may even put significant cash in your pocket!

By selling antiques to a pawn shop, you can save yourself from the headache that might come along with selling the items yourself on the internet or other methods. When you visit a pawn shop, one of the workers will inspect your item, offer you a price, and immediately give you money for it. You won’t have to wait for auctions to close or payments to come in to ship the item and get it out of your possession.

When it comes to antiques, most people classify these items as those that were created before their time. However, to be classified as an antique, the item must be at least 100 years old, according to the United States Customs Service. These items often hold historical significance and have since been outdated.

Items to Sell

Each pawn shop is different in the items they will accept, but some items may include:

Jewelry- If you have a family heirloom that you don’t wish to hang onto any longer, or want to get rid of jewelry from an ex, consider selling them to a pawn shop, as most will buy them. Jewelry buyers will assess the stones to determine their value. Usually, the larger the stone, the high the value.

Watches- Old, antique watches are a highly desirable item.

Vinyl Records- Vinyl records are often accepted at most pawn shops as they offer a nostalgia that buyers desire.

Coins- Do you have a coin collection you are looking to get rid of? Coin collections are generally an easy item to sell as you’ll always be able to get at least face value for them.

Postcards & Stamps- These items are desirable depending on their condition, age, subject matter, and the postmark, as well as the origin, year issued, and whether or not it was circulated.

Antique Furniture- Some older furniture may be highly-desirable and you could get significant cash at pawn shops, but it’s important to do your research on the piece to make sure it is a rare piece.

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