What Does Karats Mean in Gold?

Gold Karats Explained

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals that money can buy. People love gold and it is used for all kinds of jewelry that we wear. It is also essential for products across a variety of industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, and electronics. The huge demand and wide variety of usages are what drive the price of gold to be where it is. Another thing that drives the price of gold is its purity.

The purer the gold is the more it is worth. How is purity measured? The purity of gold is measured in karats. That is why when you go to a jewelry store each gold item has an associated karat mentioned in its description. For example, you will see gold jewelry listed as 12-karat gold, 15-karat gold, or 24-karat gold (this is not an extensive list). The higher the karat the gold is, the purer it is. 24-karat gold is the purest being 99.9% or higher. The purer the gold, the more it is worth too.

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