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"Money when you need it,

Your items back when you don't

Bargains when you buy!"


Pawn services

Get money in minutes with our fast and friendly pawn services. Our expert staff will evaluate your item and provide you with the highest loan or purchase amount based on its current condition.


We ensure that every item we buy is rigorously tested and inspected to determine its value.

Our experience

Transform your financial situation overnight with our pawn loan services. We have been serving Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas for over two decades, so you can trust our experience.

Pawn loans

The most common items we use as collateral for a pawn loan are gold, jewelry, silver, coins, sterling silver flatware, hollow ware, power tools, and musical instruments.

Our family owned shop truly cares about your family. Let us help meet your financial needs.

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Payment options

As soon as we purchase an item from you, you will receive a check from Bank of America which is conveniently located right next door to our shop. For pawned items, we adhere to Connecticut Statutes which permit us to cash checks for you up to $1000.00 over a 24 hour period.