Stamford, CT

Pawn Shop Proudly Serving the Stamford, CT Community

The city of Stamford, CT is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the United States. The area is clean, safe, has excellent school systems, and is a tightly-knit community. Downtown Stamford is a relatively bustling area featuring tons of interesting restaurants as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. However, some of the establishments in Stamford’s downtown area can get quite pricy. In some instances, they may not even be offering the item you’re looking for.

When you’re looking for affordable and quality products and don’t mind that they were previously gently used, hop in your car and take the short drive to A Yankee Peddler & Loan! Our pawn shop offers sales and service options that can’t be beat.

Looking for a Jewelry Loan?

If you have found yourself in a bind and are in need of some fast cash, consider a jewelry loan! Your assets could help you obtain the collateral loan you need to settle your debts. Your jewelry is kept safe and secure until your loan is repaid, then you will receive your item back! Your luxury watches, unworn diamond rings, or family heirlooms may be all you need to secure a temporary jewelry loan that meets your needs at the moment.

We Are Skilled Jewelry Buyers, As Well!

Do you have old jewelry laying around that you no longer wear? Were you gifted something that wasn’t quite your style that you’ve never even worn? Regardless of your needs, when you want to get rid of your items, our skilled jewelry buyers can help! We will thoroughly inspect your item and offer you a purchase amount based on its condition and current market values. Our reputable jewelry buyers always offer a fair price for your unwanted goods.

Visit Our Pawn Shop Today to See All That We Have to Offer

A Yankee Peddler & Loan has been proudly serving the Stamford, CT community since we opened our doors in 2012. We are located a mere ten miles from Stamford and our pawn shop features hundreds of gently used items for sale. Our stock changes every single day and includes an array of items such as jewelry, tools, electronics, and musical instruments. Our friendly and experienced item and jewelry buyers can help you sell the things you no longer need to make a bit of cash. If you just need an item or jewelry loan, we can make that happen via our pawn service options!

Regardless of your needs, visit A Yankee Peddler & Loan today to receive a loan, make a purchase, or browse our vast inventory that changes daily! Give us a call today to learn more.