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"Money when you need it,

Your items back when you don't

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Jewelry for every occasion

Whether you love antique jewelry, contemporary options, or are just looking for a new statement piece, we offer a wide variety of unique and beautiful items for you to discover.


We specialize in providing you with the jewelry you want at a price you can afford.

Invest in a stunning accessory

We carry a broad range of exquisite jewelry that will appeal to your unique tastes and enhance any look. Take advantage of our pricing, as it is the lowest in the area.

Our jewelry selection

We carry it all - from chains, bracelets, and rings, to watches and much more, you can rely on the fine quality of our pieces. Ask our staff for assistance in choosing the item that is right for you.

We've been serving Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas for over two decades.

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Pawn loans

Take control of your financial situation and get a pawn loan with us today. Exchange your jewelry for cash and then get it back once you've got the money. Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to get more detailed information about the process.